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Increasing rent of houses in Lahore

Increasing rent of houses in Lahore

Increasing rent of houses

Lahore has trooped to new altitudes and the reason is the desire to reside in a secure place with business and employment opportunities and latest amenities. That is why demand for residential spaces leads to increasing the Rent of houses in Lahore.

As more and more investors are trailing the fashion to make safe investments and earn steady incomes, a spike in rent of property and land costs has occurred.

The upswing in apartments and houses rent is neither specifically for the person who is investing cash in building a house nor for the family which has to shift in rental space. There are numerous causes behind upswing in rent of houses.

Some of the causes are migration from rural regions of the state because of the rural people seeking for a brilliant future for their offsprings, welfares, and opportunities in the urban regime and growing digit of family members. These facts are providing a scope for the real-estate and construction business to boom and it is not declining.

People are progressively favoring gated-communities in the attempt to safeguard their families. In the city, most of the real-estate developers are providing a blend of the lavish standard of living and sufficient security.

Housing societies developed by SAREMCO Developers and the SA Group as well as City Garden Housing Society are drawing people, but SA Gardens Housing Scheme is the site where most people love to shift.

In posh housing societies, the average rent for a 10 Marla house ranges between Rs50,000 and Rs55,000 and for 1-kanal house lies between Rs70,000 and Rs80,000.

For gated communities, Rs60000 to Rs65000 is the average rent for a 12-Marla house and Rs40000 to Rs50000 is average rent for an 8-Marla house.

Houses in these societies have not only adequate security, but they have other amenities like community centers, parks, maintenance system and much more. New housing societies have awarded additional facilities of cinema and shopping mall.

In Gulberg, the average rent of comparatively new one Kanal house is about Rs150000 and of a two Kanal house the rent is around Rs250000. Rents in Johar Town are almost the same as in DHA.

Generally, 0.5% of the total price of a house is claimed as rent. For a case, if the price of a one-canal house is Rs20.5 million, the rent will be Rs125000. However, negotiations perform a major role in deciding the rent of houses. With this, the rent is appreciated 10% every-year.

“This is the most reliable method of securing investments by bulk of investors in an effort to protect their capital as-well-as get a heavy monthly rent of houses to bear their expenditures,” said Asghar Goraya, CEO of Fast Marketing Consultants Pvt. (Ltd)

The trend of earning monthly income is leaping and individual investors are building one or more houses for this reason.


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