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Roshan Saremco City, Lahore...

Faizpur Interchange Sharqpur Road, , Lahore

The Roshan Housing scheme, at Faizpur Interchange Sharqpur Road, Lahore is expanding ...

SAREMCO Garden, Shahkot...

Saremco Garden Housing Scheme, , Shahkot

Saremco Garden Housing Scheme, Shahkot is first mega and well-planned housing proje...

Model Town, Gujjar Khan...

Model Town Housing Project , Gujar Khan

Model Town Housing Scheme, Gujar Khan is designed to ensure that you live your life t...

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Top 3 trends in Kitchen design in 2019...

Nowadays kitchen plays different types of role. It’s focal point in home, a place where we gather all things together. Now it is for warmth and beauty of home. Kitchen is ch...

How to take care of your health while travelling?...

If you always get sick while travelling and now wants some solution then this article is best.  If you don’t hate sickness while travelling then there is different thing. I...

Property Exchange in real estate sector...

Property exchange means the exchange of contracts, if agreed terms for binding on seller and buyer. It’s conducted in three stages or process like pre-exchange, post-exchang...


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