industrial zones

According to newspaper reports, Pakistan angle for Chinese assistance to institute 4 industrial zones in the first epoch of the CPEC project. China has already premeditated to organize three industrial-zones but Pakistan requested for one more industrial zone to uniformly dispense the welfares of the CPEC amidst the four domains. The republic includes four provinces and many federally controlled territories alongside an autonomous division Azad-Kashmir. In fact, it is not the affair of just four territiories as each region of the state is significant and requires contribution in the economic-activities.

Both countries are devising industrial-zones for industrial collaboration. Pakistani-government has projected 29 industrial zones and 21 minerals processing industrial-parks in four of these provinces. An integrated functioning-group would identify and assemble the industrial parks. CPEC is hailed as A Game Changer for Pakistan.

The biggest explosives producer of the world, Beijing Auxin Chemical Technology Limited, is also instituting a plant in Pakistan.

Other than the welfares from establishing power production, communication, logistics, transportation, and cargo-handling industries in Pakistan, CPEC will also immeasurably benefit the Pakistan’s real-estate ascending along the trade flights through corridor.

The CPEC’s favorable effects on Pakistan’s real estate sector already have started revealing through upsurge in demand and costs. Gawadar has started endorsing a hot demand as real estate prices have galloped by almost 200 percent in just past few months or a year interval.

Industrial-cooperation was portion of overall schema of CPEC and discussions were ongoing for detecting significant segments including policy for the settlement of Chinese-industry, financing, amplifying exports to China, calibration with other national and regional strategies and statutory protection of home industry.

Locality of industrial zones was determined and initially, exemplary industrial zones would be constructed by the Chinese in each province. The development of model-cities is under concern alongside the CPEC routes under an incorporated agenda of urban and industrial expansion.