Terms & Conditions

Effective Date:

  1. If you want to use this site or employ Fast Marketing online for any service, you should agree to below mentioned terms and condition which are exclusive an basic which tells us importance and usage of site with provisions of services.
  2. This agreement is signed between Fast marketing online and you (‘the user’)


This agreement is signed between fast marketing online and portals if you agree with policies and terms without qualifications or limitations. Kindly read whole terms and conditions before using this portal, if you’ll not agree with policies or terms and conditions then you’re not granted rights of using portal. All references like ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ belongs to Fast marketing online site or portal.


  1. We’ve mentioned some terms have following meanings-
  2. ‘Effective Date’ – the date on which this agreement will effect.
  3. ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ - all registered and unregistered design, patents, database rights, trademark abd services, apps and any of foregoing, all together with secrets, rights to confidence, general knowledge and other industrial property rights all over in the world.
  4. ‘Material’ – contents are published on the site or submitted by fast marketing from user’s side. The terms and conditions are changed time to time. If you’ve nay doubt, you can check post provided by Fast marketing Online.
  5. ‘Details of Registration’ – A user provides some details like name, address, phone number, e-mail ID, address or age.
  6. ‘Services’ – The provided services with platform and functionality enables us to use site for sale, purchase or renting options. Please note these services are depends on apps or devices. You can also submit written forms for availing services. You’ve right to accept or reject. For our special customer, we can amend services.
  7. Not acceptable
    1. Material with under jurisdiction from which the site can be accessed is considered.
    2. Indecent, illegal, insulting, unreliable, offensive, obscene, Intellectual property rights, nature etc. Intellectual property rights and limitation. Standards or codes of practice- notwithstanding which compliance can’t compulsory.
    3. Including limitations, liked weapons, alcohol or animals; Might damage Fast marketing
      • A user- any party who can use services provided by Fast Marketing, including the usage of site. For avoiding the doubts, a user all parties, advertiser parties who signed this agreement with Fast Marketing.
      • ‘Website’ – Fast Marketing’s site is registered as URL (www.fastmarkeingonline.com)
      • "Fast Marketing" – Fast marketing is owner of site and which has registered office located at Office No. 6 First Floor, Commercial Center, PCSIR Phase II Lahore


  1. To access some features of Fast marketing site, you can provide information like contact details or identifications as part of process of registration, with some sections of site and portals. You should agree with information provided to you legal and correct.
  2. You must agree to use portals due to submitted terms and conditions, rules, regulations and practices with proper guidelines. You can export data.
  3. You should agree not reproduce, copy, duplicate, republish, post, transmit, modify, distribute, update, selling or reselling it, you can’t download copy of material.
  4. In registering the site, a user should provide complete and accurate details.
  5. A user warrants to Fast marketing that it should be at least old.
  6. Fast marketing also reserves the will to check any material from site with notice and to refuse it posted by user.
  7. A user detail should be relevant.
  8. Fast marketing can send file to computer of user. This cookie can enable your identity to Fast marketing while visiting. A user can enhance it. We owns rights of property including, texture, design, artwork, arrangement etc.
  9. We take serious action on frauds issues with help of senior authority.
  10. A user can invite for sending comments to fast Marketing through email related to performance or integrity of user.