Safety Guide

Beware – Use your judgment

It’s in interest of user to check his or her best judgment to reach the owner’s authenticity and properties. It claims being made can or can’t be correct, a user is advised to verify the authenticity of claims are made. At the end, you’ve compiled a list which can help us in avoiding deceit. Fast Marketing recommends or suggests all users should view carefully this checklist before buying, selling or renting their property.

For a buyer or investor

1. The buyer must conduct checks and also maintain authenticity of project, property, built-in area or title, suitability to buy in form.
2. Fast marketing works as advertising medium and can’t vouch for website contents’ authenticity. These contents are uploaded by advertiser and we can’t verify or filter the same. Remedial measure is taken if complaint is filed.
3. Consider some important points-
* You should conduct complete check of ownership to explore about credential of owner or developer.
* You must visit property or site personally, verify the claim of developer or brokers which is genuine.
* Choose for builder with checking the old records which can be helpful as promoter.
* Be careful or beware from false documents. Loan should be secured against property that is disputed. It remains vacant for long time.
* It’s advisable that due to proper diligence on your property is also taken on priority for entering into real estate business with transactions.
* Make sure that this area- terrace, lobby, park, lift or elevator, pool and gymnasium are part of floor space index or FAR (floor Area ratio).
All is according to real estate laws in Pakistan- 2018.

Renting purpose

1. You should focus on below mentioned points.
* Visit the property or accommodation and fulfill the landlord’s requirements.
* Need to check rooms, kitchen, bath area to solve plumbing issues like seepages, leaks, pipelines, and drains. Determine safety, access, and security.

For more information, we would like to advise you to check our terms and conditions.