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The Mall Apartments, Residential Apartments for sale!

The Mall Apartments, Residential Apartments for sale!

Residential Apartments for sale!

Whereas this tendency was formerly limited to some areas of big cities, high quality progresses in other cities just as Lahore have also been prominent & some have even exceeded the principles shown by the most significant projects in the kingdom.

As Lahore’s inhabitants adapt to the modern tendencies & demand a progressively luxurious living style, The Mall Apartments intends to accomplish each & every impulse with an astonishing Residential Apartment’s project!

The Mall Apartments project owns its individual uniqueness in the city. It guarantees your strategic implication to live in the city, however, keeping you at comfort level at a reasonable rate and offers a luxurious living in the hub of Lahore.


The extensive, adept & lavishly designed apartments are proposed by The Mall apartments and well-prepared with rudimentary needs and services to assist the wishes of the residents. The apartments are mainly situated in the heart of Lahore the primary site is localized close to Governor’s House and PC Hotel.

Either it is a sensible investor, a dealer or just a person looking for a home in the core of Lahore The Mall Apartments are deliberated to be the flawless option for your luxury living having all facilities around you just at your walking span if you are looking residential apartments for sale in Lahore.

The dynamic services comprise effective sewerage & disposition system, usual preservation services on 24/7 call, encompassed with the managed security alongside with CCTV cameras, fire acquaintance alarm system and in command to deliver superlative amenities to our customer’s elevators have also been conventional.

The Mall Apartments are ultimately enclosed by two major libraries just a few footsteps far, 3 famous hospitals, three renowned educational institutions adjacent, ‘Gymkhana & Cricket ground’ for the amusement purpose & Lahore zoo few miles far for the outing of residents & have an easy approach from everywhere to ‘Main Canal Road.’

The Mall apartments consist of ‘one, two and three’ beds with well-ventilated & breezy atmosphere and profusely designed rooms that make sure the breeze amuses through. Each & everything from the basic enterprise to the smallest feature is constructed at The Mall ‘luxurious residential apartments’ so you can enjoy a valuable life.

The Mall Apartments is measured to be the impeccable option for your living if somebody really wishes to live & need to relish in a safe yet a marvel place.

Carrying the modern apartment living drift to Lahore, The Mall Apartments is absolutely a residential project contented to transform the realty sector of the trade city. With unmatched quality principles, The Mall Apartments has certainly induced many people to influence from their traditional inclination of considerable specific houses & familiarize the prevalent apartment culture!

Situated in a serene locality in the hustle & bustle of the engaged city if you are searching for residential apartments for sale, The Mall Apartments proposes the alluring amalgamation of an attractive living within an equitable price assortment. Can something be more pleasing?

Facilities & Features:

The contemporary deliberated residential apartments for sale structures enthralling construction & a vigorously built exterior ample with archetypal structures & accommodations.

The apartments are completely facilitated & residents also have approach to an exclusive hotels and enjoyment places, which proposes amazing services just as an eatery, a coffee placed, a enthusiastic roof-top barbeque extent, a huge cinema, kids’ play zone, a food court bringing delicious foods, discrete reclines for ladies & gents, & a state of the art gym complete with a Jacuzzi & sauna service.

Sports fanatics are also well lodged with a table-tennis zone, a capacious tennis extent, snooker & pool expanse, & cricket nets to permit cricket fans to thoroughly fortify their game.

The luxury apartments propose a peaceful atmosphere, a pleasing & stimulating milieu, certifying that people get advantages from a completely sustaining experience. Faultlessly clean & embellished with plants, The Mall Apartments brags an attractive troposphere, make sure that people are honored of the place ‘They call home!’

Furnished with each & everything desired for a stimulating lifestyle & fizzing with all the particulars essential for a luxurious living, The Mall Apartments proposes a multiplicity of choices for inhabitants & investors equally!

Affordability & Options:

A total number of residential apartments for sale are accessible, though, due to their huge requirement, apartments are accessible on a “first-come, first served basis.” The project proposes a range of diverse kinds of apartments of multiple sizes.

On the further hand, The Mall Apartments offers 1, 2, & 3 bedroom apartments with changeable enclosed zones within the different price ranges. The attractively aimed apartments feature a contented interior & are appealingly decorated with contemporary design, features & fixtures.

While evaluated rationally, the astonishing project proposes an extra modest buying procedure with a suitable payment procedure detached over a retro of few years. Requiring a minimal 15% as down payment, The Mall Apartments is absolutely a project that you can deliberate financing in instantly!


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