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Green Homes Islamabad lets you live the dream of everyone, the dream of the upper middle class in Pakistan today. Located in one of the most lucrative areas in the capital, this home development comes with flavors for every family. No matter whether you are seeking to buy a 5 Marla house in Islamabad, 8 Marla house in Islamabad, or a 10 Marla house for sale in Islamabad, Green Homes Islamabad has it.

Why opt for Green Homes, Islamabad?

Green Homes is not merely a living project; it has been conceptualized to establish a society that assures a better standard of living. It is perfect for individuals or families who want to invest in some property in Islamabad because it is in the best location and it has the best facilities for everyone to consider choosing to live in that area.

Prime Location

Indeed, Green Homes Islamabad is situated in a very central location where one can easily access all parts of the town/ city. Regarding connectivity, one can confidently say that the population is always connected, given the close location to the Islamabad International Airport and the city’s main commercial districts. Whether its for business, school or other purposes, Green Homes Islamabad ensures that people are just closer to what they want.

Variety of Housing Options

Green Homes Islamabad Real Estate has various sizes and types of houses that are favorable for different families size and type.

5 Marla House for Sale in Islamabad

The 5 Marla houses in Green Homes Islamabad are suitable for small to medium range families with an option of subdivision. These houses are stocked in a contemporary and practical manner and architects have ensured that the usability space is optimum. This 5 Marla house for sale in Islamabad at Green Homes has large halls for drawing/living room, standardized kitchens, and nicely designed bedrooms with appropriate ventilation to ensure comfort and luxury.

5 Marla house for sale, Green Homes Islamabad

A Super 8 Marla House Located in Islamabad for sale

In detail, the 8 Marla houses aim to accommodate more people and needs, especially those individuals who dream of having a house in Green Homes Islamabad. These homes feature increased square footage and number of rooms; other useful rooms, such as home offices or study, might also be present. The 8 Marla house for sale in Islamabad at Green Homes aims at meeting the ever-increasing demand for more space especially for growing families or those who seek greater comfort but do not want to let go of elegance.

8 Marla house for sale, Green Homes Islamabad

10 Marla House for Sale in Islamabad.

The latest addition to the houses is the 10 Marla luxury houses in Green Homes Islamabad. These particular types of homes are usually bigger than the usual type of homes, and they have many rooms for bigger families, and also very gorgeous interiors and exteriors. The 10 Marla house for sale in Islamabad is available here at Green Homes and if superb luxury is what you are looking for then this house is perfect for you.

10 Marla house for sale, Green Homes Islamabad

Unmatched Amenities

Green Homes Islamabad encompasses all the state-of-art facilities that an individual wishes to live in a comfortable and luxurious life. Some of the key amenities include:

Gated Community: This is especially impressive since the condominium offers 24/7 security and CCTV protection, allowing residents to sleep soundly at night knowing their well-being is secure.

Parks and Green Spaces: Thus, the parks and green areas are well-landscaped and present a pleasing and serene atmosphere for leisure and relaxation.

Community Center: Other amenities include a gym, swimming pool, and auditorium, making the center a center for social dexterity among the people who live there.

Shopping and Dining: This is in view of the fact that various shops and restaurants are available in the vicinity, hence, affording the occupants of the structures an opportunity to engage in leisure activities without necessarily having to proceed far from their homes.

Investing in Green Homes Islamabad

Green Homes is the best place where one can find a house for sale in Islamabad; it can be regarded as a worthy investment. This area has been experiencing a continued increase in property values which will definitely be an added advantage. For anyone who intends to live in the home, it is a good investment since the value of the property will shoot up in the long run, while for the landlord it is a good investment since he or she is likely to get good cash out of the property.

Green Homes, Islamabad House for Sale

It is very easy to buy a home from Islamabad Green Homes and the customer-specific steps have been highlighted below. To ensure that all interested persons can afford the homes, the developers provide for affordable installation process and flexible payment structures. From paying down payments to enjoying the installment option, your dream home is as good as bought as you can tell.

With new construction and redevelopment underway in 2014 at many of our communities, it’s an exciting time to find the home of your dreams where your neighbors care, and where our commitment to community living is nowhere more apparent than at the

When one stays at Green Homes Islamabad, it is not just the architectural masterpieces that they will get to live in; it is the opportunity to be a member of a lively and warm community. It‘s also an intimate area for people to live in and has many social spaces where people can interact with one another.


Organization Name Development Opportunity Green Homes Islamabad is the perfect residential place that is designed with sophisticated luxury, comfort, and convenience facilities. It is proving safe for investment as different types of houses are available for sale including 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 10 Marla houses in Islamabad. The strategic location that makes Green Homes Islamabad unique, a range of valuable and elegant facilities, as well as the high profitability of investment make this object suitable for buying a home in Islamabad for anyone.

This signals a call to potential readers to embrace the opportunity of being part of this relatively growing community. So, if you’re seeking to rent a 5 Marla small home for the residing or a large 10 Marla house then, both are available at Green Homes Islamabad. Grow your chances of living in a contemporary home today, by investing in your dream home to be constructed right in the heart of Islamabad.

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