What’re types of house paints?

What’re types of house paints?


 With many types and brands of house paint in market now, it is also confusing to know when to start by selecting paint for projects. There’re different types of paints when we talk about paint project. Find below guide about types of paint. Painting is one best way of remodeling home. But, marketplace features is variety of house paints. We should give importance of quality paints. Painting is simple and easiest way of remodeling home. Nowadays market features are available with variety of paints (solvent based and water based).

All paint is mixture of binder and pigment. Water based paint is safer to spill paint and there’re regulations for how paints are disposed of. There’re some types of people use finish coats and base coats. There’re solvent based and water based in both types. Find below finish coats and use base.



This is most important tool in painters’ arsenal is what goes with it- This is best problem solver that like glue and paint. Primer is most excellent and best problem solver which is right for painting and glue. It also turns into smooth surface.  Primers are necessary in painting project. To know if you must use this paint you should understand its types which you can understand, the best method to understand uses to look primer types.


Drywall Primer

Bare/New drywall socks paint such as causes and sponge to cover in some areas, especially if you will compare joints to surrounding sectors. You should help to appearance with coat it is best idea to use this paint- with quality primer is much less expensive.

Wood Primer

Bare wood is most difficult substrates for topcoat to follow to. In the past, there was no substitute for good drying oil based primer on wood.  It takes time to dry; it sticks better than other type of primer to wood. Paint manufacturers has created faster drying and new technology in latex based and oil products that quickly still aid in adhesion of paint topcoat.

Masonry primers

There’re different reasons why it is best to apply a primer before paint. A quality primer allows us to safely paint over wider range of levels without risk of loss. Another issue is called efflorescence that are white, despots that forms masonry surface.   

Stain Blocking primers 

There’re many types of stain blocking primers for uses however some common situations where their use is necessary are:  smoke stains, keeping water and damage from hemorrhage with the finish coat; painting over grease, marker, top of crayon, marker, and making a change in color  – especially if painting a color over darker color.

Bonding primer

Some surfaces are slick and pose a challenge for best primers if you can try to get a coating, for instance glazed block, ceramic tiles, vinyl shutters and plastic.


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