What is best garden design?

What is best garden design?


The initial step for building a garden is to check your soil for contaminants. You can see topic to grow importance in gardening. In 2018 trend focused on concept of giving happiness to people related to garden- its new food, provides for wildlife or creating place to share meal. Garden may include physical infrastructure depends on shed for tools for hoop houses. Raised beds, cold frames and green houses, some has infrastructure community gathering places can be food preparation area.

Garden design links with infrastructure to manage garden objective or goals. As you sketch design and also consider physical elements on website. Think about wind exposure and direction of sun. Can you access good water with design? Check factors of influence of trees and building with low lying areas susceptible to to flooding. You must think about entrance and proximity to street.

You should organize all with your basic goals for production of food. However, it’s true even production area of design is dictated in garden structure. Is it a farm of community where you can works at a time, do gardener work plots? In this case, you can locate bed in an area with lower wind exposure, good sun and water access.

Beds- To Raise or Not

When you will design properly your area of production then you should consider layout and make it or not? These beds can range from path in soil to shallow boxes in native soil. They may be based on different feet which are separated from soil. Now when types of raised bed you can select which is based on native soil. When your soil is soiled, check boxes with best soils or you can be in weedy site in uncultivated lot (vacant).  Be ready to cultivate it. Average quality soil with general matter (organic) is compacted by other factors of traffic. It’s full of weeds need rehabilitation.

Consider about energy that will fix poor soil and time which is required to complete the site, while comparing to labor and money it is required to build beds. Find pros and cons for raising beds to help us with decision.


if the appearance of garden is also important, for instance, its street corner on public property, think about building beds. Also if they’re full of weeds, they’ve tidy look in gardens.

 Accessibility or Ease of gardening

If soil in garden is difficult to manage or different gardeners work hard to bend over, you need to consider beds. Also you can see if soil can be managed easily. There’re many weeds, you should construct which is easy to manage for gardeners in limited mobility. 


The cost of beds makes it more expensive to build. If cost is a factor (limited), you can consider amending the soil than bringing it for raising beds. You can also choose simple things with top quality soil.

Existing soil –Quality

Often soil is neglected and may take some time to grow to rehabilitate. Importing it can be a way to speed-up time for producing vegetable garden. Make sure about good quality. You can appoint skilled labor for reducing risk.


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