Position of Real Estate in Major Cities of Pakistan with Magnitude

Position of Real Estate in Major Cities of Pakistan with Magnitude


As per statistics of Pakistan’s bureau, the national construction output accounts for around 2% of GDP (Gross domestic product) of Pakistan, with housing projects represents less than half of total. The commercial and residential properties are not documented yet in the real-estate sector. It’s a blessing that real estate business is in the growth process due to continuous efforts for stability. It’s also due to the positive feedback of quality products and potential clients by town planner and developers.

There are healthy government policies and positive role for the establishment of this industry. According to the property experts and economic analysts, no doubt, it is the best time to invest in Pakistan. This industry is an active part for the boom in the market globally. The properties in major cities of Pakistan- Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad are in high demands.  

Real Estate Karachi

Karachi’s real estate market is providing us great investment opportunities with vast and broad-spectrum and provides different opportunities with genuine and potential buyers. In Karachi, investment opportunities include Saadi Town, PCSIR, DHA City-Phase VIII, and Gulshan-e-Meran is on top where we can invest blindly. If we discuss the role of Karachi in this business and in its activity then it has given stable position after the wave of negative political activity and domestic terrorism. After 2007, the government has managed this situation. It’s now good a time to invest. 

Real Estate Lahore 

Lahore is declared as a heart of Pakistan. The industry is in growth position again; in Pakistan, it’s a more stable wing. If we discuss about Pakistan then we can’t ignore Lahore as it also plays an important role for stable position of real estate business. From last some years, Lahore was in marvelous position. Even a small level of builders and constructors plays major role. The large number of buyers indeed worked for a long time to build homes of their choices. However, now government has announced different policies for this sector. It’s the best time to invest in Lahore. 

Real Estate Islamabad

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan plays an important role for the development of this industry. It has launched different modern projects. These projects have attracted many investors in the last 10 years. Genuine buyer has rushed to the capital of Pakistan. It is a fact that Islamabad is the real hub of real estate business.

The magnitude of real estate in Pakistan 

According to research, this sector is the largest employer for people. It’s also called a multi-million industry of Pakistan that is gauged from the real estate market’s value- USD 700 billion. Also, the share of overall Real Estate Housing Sector of the Economy of Pakistan- This industry of Pakistan is known as the backbone of urban economy as it’s involved in business activities as well. 

The businessman makes it a syndicate. Due to this element to make it a proper industry because no other business can survive without this business like cement, steel, marble and wood, aluminum, sanitary and bricks industry. There’re some obstacles of this business like land grabbing, congestion of projects, poor law and order situation, scam housing projects, legal frameworks, and dubious investment sources.


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