How to keep a kid busy in activates in summer vacations?

How to keep a kid busy in activates in summer vacations?


If you’re busy or working women, if summer vacations starts then routine will be tough. Parents get nervous if they fall short to find good summer activities for kids. Children can follow some routine in this period- Waking up early in the morning, taking breakfast and preparing for school is best routine before summer season.

Parents can’t sleep in nights and days which are packed in action. In summer vacations, you can sleep in nights and follow your routine. Full time job is very disturbed and stressful. Now parents can follow some questions-  


  • What are best summer activities for kids?
  • How to make them happy without spending lot of money?
  • How to improve capabilities of child’s mind in summer break>
  • What’re best actives from age 1 to 5?
  • How to keep them busy in holidays?


Let’s explore these points in details. First of all, if you want to mention summer activities for kids then you can make memorable time for kids. Let’s start it.


Boredom is Good

Boredom is a feeling which is not satisfied by an activity or not interested, leads to boredom. It can occur if you will be energetic however it is for direct energy.  You need to cut screen time of your child that is not good. You need to follow constructive activities. You should find fun based activities it means don’t rely on TV only. If you’ll spend time with baby in front of TV, he or she will not be so creative. They should not watch it for unlimited time.


Activities (“Leaf Hunt”)

Children will know about names of flowers and leaves through this activity. They will sleep well and search different flowers and leaves from your garden or in any park nearest to home. If you’ll ask them to explore then they will successfully complete this task. They will retain details and you will learn more things.  


Activity-2 (“Use of chalk on walls”)

You should allow your child to make mural on wall with colored chalk. A best scenario- Paint is used with paper and asks them to sit down and start paint with help of brushes. You need to change the kitchen up to some extent with dishes which should be piled up. Kids can splatter color of water in newly painted wall. It is that a child can do better. Use some colored chalks to write on walls. Must wash it, it would be clean.


Activity-3 (“Crafty placement”)

In summer holidays, you did wlel in this blessing month of ramdhan. You can involve your kids for making placements for sehri and ifta table. It is very interesting for kids. They need A4 size paper, with duas and specially when dua will be recited in sehri and aftar, then explain meaning of “dua” to them. Ask them to decorate this placement.


Activity-4“STEM based toys”

These toys improve the level of creativity and intelligence of a child. You can also avail best activities in this vacations period, here you can involve your kids into STEM based games. Parents ask them for these types of toys. They will improve curiosity, education and learning of your kids. 

Activity-5: “Show them Globe”

This is best activity for child’s education as they will know about different countries.  Explore different countries and involve your kids in this activity. You should explain about equator, latitude and longitude. 


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