Hottest Ways for selling Property in Pakistan from last some years

Hottest Ways for selling Property in Pakistan from last some years


It’s also end till mid 2000s that modern housing and high rise flats and housing scheme are also emerging in different types of Pakistan. Some people live abroad from last 10 years and came to Pakistan due to different reasons. Now you can shift in real estate market. A stakeholders, developers and in demands comes up with latest ideas to manage the boom.

However if you’re resident of any famous city in Pakistan then you can see basic trends for buying and selling property in Pakistan. Some features can be added incorporated and you can see progress in real estate market. The new trend in Pakistan is also introduced for changing the needs and lifestyle especially for Pakistani who lives in abroad.

Housing scheme and lifestyle needs people, especially Pakistani’s living abroad. In2018, Minister of state for revenue and finance states overseas Pakistani spend at least USD 8 billion in local sector on yearly basis. This is reason why a developer sees new real estate trends in Pakistan for modernizing the housing projects in Pakistan. Off course, some features are also comes with big price tag however it’s important. You should see some trends.

Gated Communities

Gated communities in Pakistan provide us state of art, lifestyle and common trends exclusively about Pakistan. It’s also called walled community; this is secured, best and controlled housing scheme entrance. These projects have their own management which looks sanitation, security and facilities. In this area, the communities look after sanitation, security and facilities. It means community is not restricted for any measurements. There’re some hundreds of miles as in other cases you only need some square miles.

In this case, larger gated housing estate, residents can provide basic facilities such as educational institute, hospitals, parks and markets within neighborhood thus to meet daily needs you can fulfill all basic things. One of best example is ‘Bahria Town’,   developed in Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore. It’s earned as status of being one of best project in Pakistan.

High Rise Flats or Apartment Building

The increasing number of flats or apartments reflects the real estate progress and market. Karachi is showing rapid development in real estate field from last 20 years. One main issue is how to expand population and how to grow it. As population is increasing with unprecedented rate, communities are becoming good in Pakistan especially in Karachi & Lahore city.  

High rises are accommodating due to people, you can say, ‘single story units’. Some time you can see 10 to 30 floors, tall buildings (residential area) is very famous area in these cities. They book or buy it for their new generations. Some people have also adopted flats with covered car parking and backup.  

Luxury Flats or Apartments

Luxury flats or apartments are sought after possessions in Pakistan. Cities in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi have established projects with luxurious basic facilities like ultramodern built, elevators with beautiful colonies, private edges and spacious flooring. Now with features will effect on apartment’s price.  Studio apartment is also available with kitchen, living room and bed room.

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