What are best areas to buy apartments in Karachi?

What are best areas to buy apartments in Karachi?


Karachi is famous city due to some important places. From historical buildings to coastal areas of Clifton of mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam and Shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi is city which is called full of life. This is considered financial or business hub. Karachi is city of ybrant and city of light, encompassing users which belonging to culture, background, religion and ethnicities. This city has number of amenities and modern infrastructure. It is famous due to flat.  If you’ve low budget then you should choose flats option.

In last some years, the population of Karachi has risen. People from smaller villages are moved to main areas in Karachi for finding better education and good jobs. There’re many other reasons as well. They like apartments of flats due to cheaper rates and security reasons. Due to new apartment and housing projects it is easy to search now. Here we will discuss about market trends. These flats consists of 1, 2, 3 bedrooms. Some areas are profile bets apartments and 4 to 5 bedrooms flats. There’re areas when you can buy plots on installment in Karachi. Let’s check trends in some popular areas.   

Some popular Area with flat in Karachi

Gulshan e iqbal is perfect choice to buy flats from Karachi. Now you see infographic, Gulshan  e iqbal which is in most important areas with results 12%. You can see DHA- Karachi which is most popular area in Pakistan due to some amenities it provide.   Gulistan-e-Jauhar is main hub of complexes with middle income group. North nazimabad and Bahria Town Karachi are popular in seeking amenities on affordable rates.

Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town Karachi

Price range varies as per flats in this area. It comprises on sub areas. In this  area,  Gulshan e iqbal has list of 71% searches on indexes of popularity. Gulzar-e-Hijra Dhoraji Colony and PIB colony has searched new trends of 2.4%, 2.8%, 4.2% and 6.6% respectively. We should discuss about sales price of apartments in Karachi. A sub class people also live here. A business class people can do business as per their requirements.

Now you should discuss about prices of apartment or flats in Gulshan e Iqbal town, Karachi. Some middle class people can afford 2-bed, 3 beds and 4 beds flat which is in demand and popular nowadays. A-1 Bedroom is best for sale in price PKR 25 lakh to 48 lakh. 2-Bedroom apartment is started with 17 lakh price and can go higher as PKR 2.1 crore. Here you can find any bedroom with different cost (PKR 70 to PKR 4 crore).     

DHA Defense Karachi

3- Bed flats are also costly if it comes to purchase a flat in Karachi.  Raking in 11% is of one important figure. DHA Karachi also secures another position. It is considered higher upscale community with administrative body. People are not finding plots likes to buy it on posh area.  However, here variety of options is available from (PKR 50 lakh to PKR 2.7 crore). It would b expensive as well for some people so they can apply for loan from this scheme.

Gulistan e Jauhar Karachi

Gulistan e Jauhar is popular neighborhood for buying apartment in Karachi. It has many apartment and high risk flats.  If you’re from middle class then it is best option for you. It is famous due to basic facilities. It’s best for 1,2,5 and 4 bed flats in this society. It varies from 12 lakh o 35 lakh. If you need 2 bed room flat then choose 20 lakh to 2 crore. If it comes to 4 bed room then you can buy flat of PKR 40 lakh to 2.5 crore

Bahria Town Karachi

If you’re finding 4 bed rooms flat then it is available in this scheme. They have offered modern scheme with all basic facilities. Safari Zoo is available on day and night. This is main attraction for tourist in Karachi. You will also face here low risk and high risk apartments.  Price range from 25 lakh to 1.5 crore! PKR 5 Lakh to1.5 crore! Flats (PKR 83 lakh to PKR 2.4 crore)

Less affected

3 or 5 marala are less touched by real estate sector in Pakistan. Some budget requirements attract low cost property. Some stagnation is observed but things can be on track. Income from rent is best for investors.   You should know how to deal it with overnight. Don’t expect any miracle overnight. 

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