Bathroom Remodeling, & Design Ideas And Trends

Bathroom Remodeling, & Design Ideas And Trends


If we talk about improvements then there are some satisfying transformations comparing to those that gives results from renovating the bathroom, a place that sets the tone for your day. There’re plenty of tons for baths available in market with small space solutions for designer’s lounges with guidelines from experts. We’ve mentioned in this post. You can start it from small scale. There’re some favorite ideas and sources.


If you’re ready to redesign and redecorate your bathroom that you can afford then find below good news. You can see mega bucks to change the bathroom into cool and relaxing space. As per latest report, am average cost of remodeling is USD 10,500. Also adding or updating is home improvement project adds importance. You can recoup some portion of cost that is good if you’re selling home.


Determine how you can afford for spending on remodeling for calculating the extent of changes that are required.  If you’ve budget USD 1000 or less then you can change its sink or set net fixtures and paint. If you’ve more amounts then focus on tiles, windows and bigger shower, thus it depends on budget.


Inexpensive bathroom remodeling creative ideas


1-    Arrange tiles as per your budget

Tiles are expensive specially when if we’ll hire a contractor. For saving money, we’ve to limit the tiles and focus on areas such as floor- Shower stall walls etc. Also you should tile a strip with wall and painting the other section. You can also use an expensive and artistic tile with an average one. You can save money here. 


2-    Save on countertops

A main trend is to splurge on countertops. Due to bathroom counter is small. Now investment is low as compare to whatever you can spend on counter of kitchen. In first step you should see light colors like beige, brown and tan which are not costly. If things will not be perfect then price will be cheaper.


3-    Paint Side

You don’t need to spend a lot then repainting which is cheapest and also effective method to give new look to bath. You should apply paint slowly on windows, mirrors, sink, corners and the floor.


4-    Change Fixtures

Check minor things. You should update sink faucets, light fixtures, drawer pulls and towel racks for small investment.  Small things are also important and take less time. You can find different ways to tackle these problems such as adding clean and straight lines and freshen up bathroom. Changing everything will be costly thus don’t buy everything, just redo.


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