5 Smart Ways To Increase the home’s curb appeal

5 Smart Ways To Increase the home’s curb appeal


Homes with high curb appeal are sold on high price and take no time for selling. Some of extensively focus on interior designing which is an important factor. But some exteriors you can’t ignore. A good exterior increases the curb appeal and gives value to your home. A better curb appeal can create good impression for visitors.


Find below 8 smart ways to boost up equity of your home,


1-      Make it valuable

You must give attention for adding value of your home. You should not think in terms of aesthetics.  You should think by buyer’s point of view. It will give good impression on you and also you can get more money and you can make plan to sell it. Be realistic for giving your time and cost.


2-      Wash the face of your home

Wash the dirt before applying paint, mildew and other dirt from your home. As per relators, home’ selling price is increased USD 10k to 15k. A bucket of long handled, soapy-water, soft brush removes the dirt which is splashed on wood, metal, vinyl, brick, stucco and cement siding.  Wash your windows, garage door etc.


3-      Freshen the Paint Job

The commonly offered curb appeal from pros and appraiser is to give the good exterior to your home. It should be look same as it is shown on internet, no doubt, paint is time consuming and costly.  For painting on 3000 square foot home, you can spend USD 365 to USD 600 and USD 1500 to USD 3000 on labor.


     4. Repair, maintenance and added elements

Once you should repair & clean-up the exteriors, different flaws became visible for example, chipped tiles, cracked pavers, exterior finishing, hanging wires, damaged roof and exterior finishing etc.  A well-managed lawn and shrubs boost the appeal of home. Add color splash and fence, stone work, patios and fountains!

     5. Main gate and entrance door

Doors give impact for creating ambience. There is variety for adding great entrance into the home. Door colors and materials matters! Door should be functional. Consider the design that shows architecture. Select a material which allows you the changes and improvement.  


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