Supreme Court has forbidden the transfer of lands through patwaris in cities

3 months ago

In Islamabad the Supreme Court’s have ordered the transfer of land would be possible through registered sale deed, Patwari can also be written as land and revenue inspector. When hearing strats, Chief justice have analyzed when there is no revenue from land then how patwaris offices are opened, on which precedence supreme court, Mr. Aman-u-Allah karzani said it is matter of laws’s explanations. Chied justice said that I have decided to close the offices of patwari.  They will not deal with this matter. Govt. will not get any money.  The lawyer of Govt. Of Punjab said that in villages people made deals verbal. Chief justice said in this century when a man travels to moon where still we’ve not implemented computerizes system.   

  In the supervision of chief justice the hearing regarding land inspector laws inspectors and district organizations took place. By winding up the case Supreme Court has ordered that no land will be sold or bought verbally. Chief justice also said that the record offices holding land records are not eligible to transfer but are only to secure and for safety of the lands records. And the lands can’t be transferred by all means to anyone by these record keeping offices


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