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Rank of Pakistan in Property Rights Index

Rank of Pakistan in Property Rights Index

According to International Property Rights Index (IPRI) Report 2016, Pakistan stands at grade 121 out of total 128 countries. It lies in India, China, Iran, Nepal, and Sri-Lanka. Only Bangladesh and Myanmar are rated less than Pakistan.

The modern globalized economy necessitates tough property-rights. This index deals with the three basic modules of a sound property-rights system: the legal and political setting (LP), physical-property rights (PPR), and intellectual property rights (IPR).

In IPRI 2007, Pakistan’s total score was 3.9 points out of 10 and that dropped to 3.6 in the year 2016. Its concentrated score was attained in 2014 with 4.3 points.

With respect to this score, Pakistan achieved a rank of 121 among total 128 global-economies and attained 18th rank in 20 regional-republics. It scored 5.0 in physical property sub-index that ranks it 102 by all of 128 states.

Pakistan’s score was 5.7 points in 2007 that depreciated to 5.0 points on the scale of 10 in 2016. In the safety of physical property rights, Pakistan ranks at 102 in total 128 economies with the score of 4.1 points.

According to the IPRI 2016-Report, Pakistan scored healthy at 8.4 points on registering property.

The rank of Pakistan on patent-protection was 100 out of 128 countries with the score of 4.5. It scored at only 1.5 in sub-index of Copy-rights protection. The rank it achieved is 96 in this criterion.

Pakistan amplified only by 0.1 points in the total IPRI

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