Gawadar investment

There is a golden opportunity for people to invest in Gwadar new projects of residential and commercial nature for future high returns.
The Gwadar seaport is all established to turn out to be one of the largest harbor cities across the world. Growth of “China Pakistan Economic Corridor” (CPEC) will unlock innovative doors of growth and development in Pakistan. Each year multi-trillion dollar trade will ensue through Gwadar. The seaport city will become the center of worldwide trade & is by now engaging a many financiers pursuing Gwadar property for investment. Gwadar property rates have just about amplified in recent few years & are pursuing to grow as the advancement growths.
It is vital to recognize that the infrastructure of Gwadar city is established to maintain profound developments in nearby future. A beneficial framework discusses a lot about details to come. GDA (Gwadar Development Authority) is efficiently working on progress of commercial and residential areas in Gwadar. This is essential as with the growth in seaport activity, many of the people will definitely move to Gwadar in search for new and golden economic opportunities and prospects. This in order will escalate the demand of the ‘Real estate’ in Gwadar. There are three distinctive types of Gwadar property investments we must know that.
1. Residential Schemes.
2. Hotels & Chalets.
3. Open Land.
Gwadar right now brings golden opportunities for the investors in the future because the prospects there are distinct from anything we have seen in Pakistan’s antiquity. Gwadar these days is certainly the finest investment one can do. The rate of land these days is very low & benefiting the millions of dollars in Gwadar Real Estate projects. Fast Marketing Consultants Pvt. Ltd has recently launched one of its mega projects with Gillan Group in Gwadarat ‘Special Discounted Rates’using our widespread system of sales corporations. The feedback from the marketplace has been unbelievable. Our honest recommendation to Fast Marketing’s clients is that now is the suitable time to invest in Gwadar between the pre-launch periods to save your investment and it is soon going to be launched.

Real estate investments in Gwadar:

With the declaration of “China Pakistan Economic Corridor”, investors & buyers put their full attention to Gwadar to purchase properties. Investors are booking commercial & residential lands for future expansions. Investors are concentrating on the future property demand for mega projects that will be demanded in Gwadar. This investment procedure is same like to the gigantic property investments of twentieth century. In the recent years people are going to heavily invest in Gwadar real estate sector. At present, development work is going to bein full swing, as Gwadar new projects are going to increase day by day.

Property price trends in Gwadar:

Because of the rapid step of construction work, purchasers are buying commercial and residential plots in Gwadar. Because of the huge investment in Gwadar real estate zone, there is a boom in real estate in the entire country. At the present,Gwadar real estate sector is the finest performing real estate sector across the world. Real estate experts have named Gwadar as world’s topmost “Real Estate Hotspot” for property investments with abundant opportunities of high profits.

Future prospect of Gwadar property zone:

Gwadar today is in the development phase. We can clearly see several real estate projects in Gwadar that are under development or in development stage. Gwadar will be a worldwide‘Mega City’ & one of the engaged trading centers in the world. Many professionals claim that Gwadar will transmute the future of Pakistani nation. China is financing in Gwadar to generate it fully operational in short period of time. Property rates in the next few years will see more escalations. This is the accurate time to reserve residential and commercial plots for sale in Gwadar to get high profits in the near few years.

The Mall Apartments residential apartments

Residential Apartments for sale!

Whereas this tendency was formerly limited to some areas of big cities, high quality progresses in other cities just as Lahore have also been prominent & some have even exceeded the principles shown by the most significant projects in the kingdom.

As Lahore’s inhabitants adapt to the modern tendencies & demand a progressively luxurious living style, The Mall Apartments intends to accomplish each & every impulse with an astonishing residential apartment’s project!

The Mall Apartments project owns its individual uniqueness in the city. It guarantees your strategic implication to live in the city, however, keeping you at comfort level at a reasonable rate and offers a luxurious living in the hub of Lahore.


The extensive, adept & lavishly designed apartments are proposed by The Mall apartments and well-prepared with rudimentary needs and services to assist the wishes of the residents. The apartments are mainly situated in the heart of Lahore the primary site is localized close to Governor’s House and PC Hotel.

Either it is a sensible investor, a dealer or just a person looking for a home in the core of Lahore The Mall Apartments are deliberated to be the flawless option for your luxury living having all facilities around you just at your walking span if you are looking residential apartments for sale in Lahore.

The dynamic services comprise effective sewerage & disposition system, usual preservation services on 24/7 call, encompassed with the managed security alongside with CCTV cameras, fire acquaintance alarm system and in command to deliver superlative amenities to our customer’s elevators have also been conventional.

The Mall Apartments are ultimately enclosed by two major libraries just a few footsteps far, 3 famous hospitals, three renowned educational institutions adjacent, ‘Gymkhana & Cricket ground’ for the amusement purpose & Lahore zoo few miles far for the outing of residents & have an easy approach from everywhere to ‘Main Canal Road.’

The Mall apartments consist of ‘one, two and three’ beds with well-ventilated & breezy atmosphere and profusely designed rooms that make sure the breeze amuses through. Each & everything from the basic enterprise to the smallest feature is constructed at The Mall ‘luxurious residential apartments’ so you can enjoy a valuable life.

The Mall Apartments is measured to be the impeccable option for your living if somebody really wishes to live & need to relish in a safe yet a marvel place.

Carrying the modern apartment living drift to Lahore, The Mall Apartments is absolutely a residential project contented to transform the realty sector of the trade city. With unmatched quality principles, The Mall Apartments has certainly induced many people to influence from their traditional inclination of considerable specific houses & familiarize the prevalent apartment culture!

Situated in a serene locality in the hustle & bustle of the engaged city if you are searching for residential apartments for sale, The Mall Apartments proposes the alluring amalgamation of an attractive living within an equitable price assortment. Can something be more pleasing?

Facilities & Features:

The contemporary deliberated residential apartments for sale structures enthralling construction & a vigorously built exterior ample with archetypal structures & accommodations.

The apartments are completely facilitated & residents also have approach to an exclusive hotels and enjoyment places, which proposes amazing services just as an eatery, a coffee placed, a enthusiastic roof-top barbeque extent, a huge cinema, kids’ play zone, a food court bringing delicious foods, discrete reclines for ladies & gents, & a state of the art gym complete with a Jacuzzi & sauna service.

Sports fanatics are also well lodged with a table-tennis zone, a capacious tennis extent, snooker & pool expanse, & cricket nets to permit cricket fans to thoroughly fortify their game.

The luxury apartments propose a peaceful atmosphere, a pleasing & stimulating milieu, certifying that people get advantages from a completely sustaining experience. Faultlessly clean & embellished with plants, The Mall Apartments brags an attractive troposphere, make sure that people are honored of the place ‘They call home!’

Furnished with each & everything desired for a stimulating lifestyle & fizzing with all the particulars essential for a luxurious living, The Mall Apartments proposes a multiplicity of choices for inhabitants & investors equally!

Affordability & Options:

A total number of residential apartments for sale are accessible, though, due to their huge requirement, apartments are accessible on a “first-come, first served basis.” The project proposes a range of diverse kinds of apartments of multiple sizes.

On the further hand, The Mall Apartments offers 1, 2, & 3 bedroom apartments with changeable enclosed zones within the different price ranges. The attractively aimed apartments feature a contented interior & are appealingly decorated with contemporary design, features & fixtures.

While evaluated rationally, the astonishing project proposes an extra modest buying procedure with a suitable payment procedure detached over a retro of few years. Requiring a minimal 15% as down payment, The Mall Apartments is absolutely a project that you can deliberate financing in instantly!

chenab garden, Toba Tek Singh

About Chenab Garden Hosing Scheme:

It is a housing scheme where all the basic provisions of living and sumptuous ambiance provided with all the transnational facilities which are a worthwhile reward for the individuals who crave for a palatial life.

ChenOne group proudly presents its adored housing scheme, Chenab Garden, Toba Tek Singh that is delivered by SAREMCO Group.

Chenab Garden housing society offers adequately designed residential plots in Toba Tek Singh with areas of 5, 7 and 10 Marla. Chenab Garden Housing scheme is up-scaled by the accessibility of numerous means of conveyances.

This housing society is in close propinquity to all efficacies of a dream home. Chenab Garden housing scheme is a remarkable arrangement supplied with all the prerequisites for the occupants and business individuals to satisfy their residential and occupational requirements.

It is well planned and is built with all modern amenities.
The project relishes an archetypal location in Toba Tek Singh. Chenab Garden, Toba Tek Singh is gated housing scheme with schools, healthcare amenities, restaurants, Masjid, and playgrounds.

It’s undoubtedly an autonomous housing society having all desideratum of living braced by amenities and luxuries.

Inessential to say, this enchanting project is organized to propose you the tranquil and gratified lifestyle you have been in quest of.

Trusted Group:

ChenOne is already a well-presumed group with the goodwill of home textile trademark now introducing real estate project, Chenab Garden housing scheme in Toba Tek Singh with its origination based on founders of Chenab-Group who belonged to Toba Tek Singh as cotton industrialists there.

ChenOne is now highlighting its real-estate product, Chenab Garden housing society with a foresight of offering you the outclass lifestyle.


Prime Location:

Chenab Garden, Toba Tek Singh is tactically positioned with easy accessibility. This housing scheme is proximate to many superior housing-societies. It has an ideal location joining with main boulevards of Shorkot-Cantt and the main Shorkot-city road from all ends of the society.

Gated Community:

Chenab Garden is gated-society furnished with all security precautions to ease inhabitants with the sense of security.

Top Town Planners:

SAREMCO Sketches render such challenging projects with its architectural expertise, town-planning and designing services. We follow the contemporary criteria of designs to paramount in all projects that we grip.

24-Hours Security:

Chenab Garden housing society promises your safety with totally Hi-Tech security-methods.

Street Lights:

Chenab Garden, Toba Tek Singh is being implanted with street-lights.

Centrally Located Mosques:

Chenab Garden housing scheme providing religious essentials to its occupants; exquisitely outlined mosque is elevated in the society.

Community Parks:

A central garden is mapped in society to let people relish natural and soothing atmosphere.

Commercial Area:

The commercial area is apportioned within the society and delivery of goods and chattels is ensured which is attributable to its favorable location.

Options and affordability:

The project offers 5, 7, and 10-Marla residential plots with 2 and 3.5-Marla commercial-plots. The rates are extremely economical, especially considering the startling locality and amenities this scheme offers! For your expediency, there is a payment schedule of 18 monthly and 6 quarterly-payments.

Pakistan's real estate

The Pakistan’s real estate is exposing some interesting consequences.

An optimistic drift was seen in market over the last two years with incredible advancement in all parcels comprising commercial, residential & agricultural-land.

The growth of 80 to 120 percent is observed in buildups of commercial projects like offices, shopping malls and explicit industrial-zones over the country. The commercial setups like shopping-centers offer investment scope to risk-averse people for purchasing the shops and produce high profits in the form of certain rental-income.

All this has enticed massive investment from local and offshore investors.

Likewise, property investment in particular industrial parks has amplified by approximately 45 percent in the former 2 years. Factories are usually set-up in those regions, which provide advanced sites and infra-structure. Investors can avail benefits that include tax-free operating-costs for up to ten-years after they have acquired land, plus the release from import and custom duties in capital-goods such as buildings & machinery.

The residential sector of Pakistan’s real estate industry has grown radically in the form of gated-societies that keep expanding in first and second rank cities. Karachi alone has endorsed an incredible progress of 150-250 percent in novel housing societies in Lahore and Islamabad.

In minor cities for example Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Multan, Quetta and Hyderabad the invasion of working populations from small and rural regions augmented the demand of residential space, thus confirming a higher re-sale rate of residential property.

Mostly situated on the environs of the cities, the arrangement of these gated communities propose ultramodern frame, full time security, topnotch amenities like parks, gymnasiums, commercial complexes, health care and that mark living there tantamount with coziness and luxury. Small double storey or twin houses stretching from 120-500 square-yards abound to match the necessities of many economic groups.

These current developments and housing schemes have pulled huge investment (almost 80 percent) from overseas Pakistanis into Pakistan real estate.

After the federal budget declaration in July 2016, much has altered with new modifications in place, which imposed many allegations for Pakistan’s real estate buyers & sellers. According new amendment, provincial governments will no more analyze property values which existed since 1986. As a substitute, the State-Bank of Pakistan will define the collector-rate of immovable-property. This will result in greater Capital-Value Tax, registration dues and stamping charges.

The resale value of the high-end property of 1,000 square yard houses has dwindled by 25 percent. Purchase value of unoccupied plot has fundamentally fallen by almost 45 percent in many regions.

Karachi has been the top city to draw commercial property investment with an estimated Return on Investment of 12-19 percent. It has suffered excessively and is anticipated to recapture previous demand in about 20 to 25 months.

One of the positive transitions that may direct the real-estate business on the right path is the establishment of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). It country’s first trust that will propose 9% stakes & dividend initially in Karachi’s most conspicuous shopping malls and office buildings. REIT is expected to assist trivial investors in becoming shareholders of property.

Another auspicious case is the evolvement of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Pakistan’s real estate, which is presently under-construction. The route will ultimately connect Gawadar Port to China’s Xinjiang County via a set-up of rail-ways and high-ways. Thus it will be easier to approach Gawadar and will trail investment in property there.

In fact, after a break of nearly a decade, property values in Gawadar folded last-year; this upsurge is a result of supervision of Chinese companies over the development of Gawadar Port since previous year.

real estate investment

Real estate Investment Opportunities for Overseas Pakistanis:

Moving abroad to earn money for the family is a very common practice especially in Pakistan. These Pakistanis living in foreign countries look for such an investment that secures their earnings for future. Real estate is the only sector in Pakistan that has minimum business risk with guaranteed returns and it has boomed over past few years. This is merely a sector that has given a secure investment opportunity to overseas-Pakistanis.
Government comprehends the function of overseas Pakistanis in the growth of country’s economy. Federal Finance-Minister has created discrete real estate investment sector for overseas Pakistani in which money would be disbursed in foreign-currency. The investment of overseas-investors can be fortified as it is a secure method.
Projects Prices in Lahore & Islamabad have exploded high because the safety conditions are healthier. Overseas Pakistanis who wish to invest in their home-land have wonderful chance to buy the property and take joy in substantial Return on Investment (ROI).

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Lahore:

Lahore has continuously been a hub of investment foe the investors. Overseas-Pakistanis can have a great and numerous profitable deals in Lahore to think over. They can catch revenues by investing not only in the old housing societies but also in new housing schemes or developments. Whenever someone ponders about Lahore real-estate investment, the first society that raids in mind is Defense Housing Society (DHA). Many other new housing societies like SA Gardens and City Gardens have attained the equivalent goodwill in this sector with deference to investment.
Overseas-Pakistanis have diverse options in terms of residential or commercial plots or buildings for real estate investment business in Lahore. All these options have a worthy for both habitation and investment with definite future returns. These housing societies are arrayed with all of the primitive requirements of living that are essential for an irenic life.
Famous housing societies and projects in Lahore are SA Gardens Housing Scheme, City Gardens Housing Society by PCHS, Saiban Homes, Al-Hayat Center, Tamir Homes, Gulistan-e-SirSyed Cooperative Housing Society and Beaconhouse Estate.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Islamabad and Rawalpindi:

The capital-city Islamabad has been constantly a real estate investment charm for the foreigners and locals as well. The overseas Pakistanis especially project their future in real-estate of Islamabad. The elegance and the pacification of the metropolitan captivate people to reside here. Islamabad real-estate sector has been augmented since former few years just due this surge in demand from people. Bahria Town has attracted a vast portion of overseas Pakistani investors.
Various other housing societies and commercial projects have been initiated in Rawalpindi. Being interlaced with the capital-city it has achieved scores of worth and prominence. The investment in Rawalpindi and Islamabad has almost equal worth. The real-estate sector in Rawalpindi has matured with the same altitude as in Islamabad. That’s why the overseas Pakistanis also prefer this city for investment.
Diverse real estate commercial & residential projects in this city have become cause to pull people for investment. Major real estate project in Rawalpindi where overseas Pakistanis can put their money is Dominion Mall and Apartments. It is the Mega shopping Mall of Twin cities located in Bahria Town Phase 8 with residential luxury apartments and offering commercial shops to embellish business.

real estate projects

Promotional Ideas for Real Estate Projects

Real estate projects developers use numerous publicizing and advertising means to popularize their projects. Developers can produce a marketing strategy that implicates targeting the potential consumers and approaching them over several networks with a call-to-action and accurate message.

property rights

Rank of Pakistan in Property Rights Index

According to International Property Rights Index (IPRI) Report 2016, Pakistan stands at grade 121 out of total 128 countries. It lies in India, China, Iran, Nepal, and Sri-Lanka. Only Bangladesh and Myanmar are rated less than Pakistan.

industrial zones

According to newspaper reports, Pakistan angle for Chinese assistance to institute 4 industrial zones in the first epoch of the CPEC project. China has already premeditated to organize three industrial-zones but Pakistan requested for one more industrial zone to uniformly dispense the welfares of the CPEC amidst the four domains. The republic includes four provinces and many federally controlled territories alongside an autonomous division Azad-Kashmir. In fact, it is not the affair of just four territiories as each region of the state is significant and requires contribution in the economic-activities.

Both countries are devising industrial-zones for industrial collaboration. Pakistani-government has projected 29 industrial zones and 21 minerals processing industrial-parks in four of these provinces. An integrated functioning-group would identify and assemble the industrial parks. CPEC is hailed as A Game Changer for Pakistan.

The biggest explosives producer of the world, Beijing Auxin Chemical Technology Limited, is also instituting a plant in Pakistan.

Other than the welfares from establishing power production, communication, logistics, transportation, and cargo-handling industries in Pakistan, CPEC will also immeasurably benefit the Pakistan’s real-estate ascending along the trade flights through corridor.

The CPEC’s favorable effects on Pakistan’s real estate sector already have started revealing through upsurge in demand and costs. Gawadar has started endorsing a hot demand as real estate prices have galloped by almost 200 percent in just past few months or a year interval.

Industrial-cooperation was portion of overall schema of CPEC and discussions were ongoing for detecting significant segments including policy for the settlement of Chinese-industry, financing, amplifying exports to China, calibration with other national and regional strategies and statutory protection of home industry.

Locality of industrial zones was determined and initially, exemplary industrial zones would be constructed by the Chinese in each province. The development of model-cities is under concern alongside the CPEC routes under an incorporated agenda of urban and industrial expansion.


Launch Ceremony of Dominion Mall and Apartments:

Dominion Mall and Apartments is the biggest Mall of the Twin Cities, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.  Dominion is your destination! Presenting new living standards in the restful location of the charming twin-cities, this splendid elevation is a matchless project of deluxe apartments, substantial commercial spaces, food courts and amusement zones, all under one roof.

Islamabad real estate

The capital city Islamabad embraces the distinction of existing as most pricey places among Pakistan. Here, the rate of every item highest than anyplace of Pakistan extending from bread or milk to clothes and properties to wheat or rents. For this and further innumerable causes, Islamabad real estate is truthfully meant for elites. Islamabad remains single abode where owning a home is dream of everyone although there are numerous other municipalities where capitalizing in the native real-estate can be justifiably lucrative. Dolefully, not every man jack can pay for such an amenity.

There are extents in Islamabad, which have been absolutely deflation-proof during the economic adversity. Numerous high-profiled dignitaries of the country and a massive number of foreigners populate in Islamabad. Islamabad real estate is indeed viewed as a finest sector to own home for all categories of people well-fortified with all pleasantness of life. With its spacious roads, hygienic water, clubs, gardens, greens and other accommodations, the city offers great-deals in provisions of luxury & complacent living.

The over-all state of Pakistan real estate is stony with no conspicuous upswing in worth but Islamabad conversely has scanty regions where the state of the marketplace is as if there has not even once remained economic downturn even in the skirts of the whole city. Islamabad-Defence is a project that many consider imbibes the potential to spring some of the most pricey properties in Pakistan.

Blue-Area of Islamabad, which has long alleged the trophy of being the utmost costly properties in Pakistan but with the origination of snowballing eminent real-estate projects, the label shows to be gliding from the hands of Blue-Area. Projects like Dominion Mall and Apartments and more illustrious housing societies in the core of the metropolis propose living concepts which are adequate for the elite society. So if you are hunting for a decent investment, Islamabad real estate is the top domicile to bet.