About Blossom Avenue Housing Scheme

Blossom Avenue Housing Scheme on Satiana Road, Faisalabad is one that kind of development, which has been acquiringattention right, left & in center!
With an absolutelocality, & offering features that guarantee a contented andmodernway of life, this housing scheme is offering commercial & residential plots that are basically too good to pass-up! It will be inappropriate if we will not talk about that theattractive project that is all ready to bring you the peaceful and modern lifestyle you have been looking for. Read on for furtherinfo!
With the efficient & prompt development of Blossom Avenue Housing Scheme Faisalabad, Satiana Road it is currentlyextended by Blossom Enterprises. Blossom Avenue is aprosperous housing scheme in the mid of several other housing schemes in Faisalabad.
The location of Blossom Avenue Housing Scheme is the main location of Satiana Road in Faisalabad &surrounded by all high-class housing schemes of the city.The housing scheme deals in with “5, 7, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal” residential plots and another point is that it also offers ‘Three Marla’ commercial plots. Blossom Avenue is distinguished for residential schemes & to beging your own business by buying commercial plots.You can own your own properties through booking procedure on cash payment and also through installment method. The installment plan is of “Four years.”
Blossom Avenue Housing Scheme is one of the biggest andwell-organized housing schemes of Faisalabad only due to progressive development, and arrangement of all extensive features. It is an attractive housing scheme with a huge number of advanced accommodations presented to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Accommodations & Facilities

With a spacious layout featuringwidespread carpeted roads, this project will not ever feel tangled or over-crowded like different other urban areas in Faisalabad. Not just this, a dedicated area is set for the parks particularly for residuals to enjoy! It is really a peaceful & natural atmosphere housing scheme to live in.
The project also offers a “swimming pool, jogging track & tennis court”so you can enjoy a healthy living. A‘high class club & community center’oblige as the ideallocations for your meetings and events. All your teenagers’wants some enjoyment too, with a school & theme park zoo, and if you are in the mood for amusement, you can just go to the local cinema. How could it get any reliable than this?
Furthermore, your dailycontentmentisguaranteed with reliable& long lastingelectricity & water supply, & a well-organized sewerage system too.As the supreme interest of each &every family is safety, the developer has guaranteed that 24 hour security processes are definitely in place, with expert security staff & CCTV inspectio. The peace of mind of inhabitants takes precedence over all else.

Affordability and Options

The project comprises ‘5, 7, 10’ marla andone kanal and residential plots and ‘2, 4, 5’marla commercial plots, & the prices are extremelyequitable, particularly when keeping in mind the wonderfullocality and services thathis project deals in! For your convenience, there is a payment procedure easyinstallment.


  • Prime Location
  • Underground Sewerage and Electricity
  • E-Tag
  • Fool Proof Security
  • A broad parking area
  • Lavish Green Park
  • Schools
  • Cinema
  • Communal Club
  • Wide-Ranging Road
  • Green Belts
  • 24 hours Transportation Access
  • Hospitals
  • ZOO
  • Swimming Pools
  • Street Lights
  • Sports Complex
  • Cricket Ground
  • R.O Water Filtration Plant
  • Life Time maintenance and Management
  • Mosque
  • Commercial Area
Location Map

Residential Plots

Sr. No
Plot Size
Price per Marla
Pre-Launching Discounted Rate (10%)
Plot Price
Booking 10%
Confirmation 10%
Posession 10%
30 Monthly Installment
10 Qty. Installment
15 Marla475,000427,5002,137,500213,750213,750213,7501,496,25049,875149,625
27 Marla
310 Marla
41 Kanal475,000427,5008,550,000855,000855,000855,0005,985,000199,500598,500

Commercial Plots

Sr. No
Plot Size
Price per Marla
Plot Price
Booking 10%
Confirmation 10%
Posession 10%
30 Monthly Installment
10 Qty. Installment


362,600 362,600
24 Marla
480,000 480,000480,0003,360,000112,000336,000
35 Marla
1,200,0006,000,000600,000600,000600,0004,200,000140,000 420,000

Extra Charges (Residential)

  • 10% Extra on Corner Plot
  • 5% Extra on Facing Park
  • 15% Extra on Main Boulevard

Extra Charges (Commercial)

  • 10% Extra on Corner Plot

Discounts (Residential)

  • 10% discount on Cash
  • 5% discount on half payment

Discounts (Commercial)

  • 10% discount on Cash
  • 5% discount on half payment

Booking Procedure: 

  • Duly fill the application form
  • Pay Order for the booking amount in the favor of “ Blossom Avenue, Faisalabad”
  • Two copies of your CNIC,
  • Two passport-size photographs,
  • Two copies of the Nominee’s CNIC

Site Office Address: Blossom Avenue Housing Scheme, Opposite Sargodha University, Lyallpur Campus, Main Satiana Road, Faisalabad.

Bank: Bank Alfalah

Account No: 04891005648921

Site Office

Main Satiana Road, Faisalabad.
+92 341 111 4888, +92 341 111 4999